Simple, Cheap, Uncrashable Shopping A Site Development Tutorial Lee Donahoe

A tutorial teaching you how to make a simple, extremely low cost, uncrashable fully customized shopping site ideal for selling a few items. Not happy with the shopping cart solutions available because they are too inflexible? Worry that if your product goes viral the server costs would be astronomical? Paying for a shopping cart service on top of your processing fees? Check out this simple guide to creating an unsinkable and flexible shopping application. Follow the book below to get updates as the book is finished or visit to sign up for the mailing list.


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About the Author

Lee Donahoe

I’m Lee Donahoe, a front-end developer living in Venice, CA.

I’ve worked on a number of projects for large companies like Salesforce subsidiary Heroku, Lowes Home Improvement, and the CDC, as well as initial technology builds for small startups like Tandem Stock, Mindswarms, and Buck Mason under my consulting company LEMUR Heavy Industries. Recently I’ve also been a founder of Tandem Vault,, and, all software as a service applications targeting a range of industries.


  • What’s this tutorial all about?

    I’ve created this guide specifically with designers in mind because as someone who has been working in front-end design and development for years, I’ve always found that a lot of existing tutorials tend to avoid starting at first-principles. It seems like most people writing guides on how to accomplish bits and pieces of a development task assume that you have enough history to figure out all the other parts of getting your site set up. In the end though, that leads to needing to bounce around to a bunch of different tutorials, guides, stackoverflow threads, and other random sources of information, and I find having to do that exhausting…

  • Why this technology stack?

    The initial idea for this book come out of an application and technology stack that my company created for an online men’s clothing company. We’d been kicking around the basic concept for a while and hadn’t had the chance yet to build it out for a client. The idea was to use a slightly unconventional combination of flat files (simple HTML, CSS, and Javascript with no application server), cached and served from redundant content delivery networks (CDNs), a cloud database as a service for managing products and users, and a server running our delayed processing to handle order completion and mailing users. If we did our job right, nothing in the stack would be traffic sensitive. This tutorial is a scaled back version designed to cost as little as possible while still retaining the basic strengths of the bigger system.