Coder’s Quest Create your *own* adventure Emily Davis and Kaisa Taipale

CS 101 through creating your own text adventure!


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About the Author

Emily Davis and Kaisa Taipale



  • Ashley - 7th grade math teacher

    I would love to teach coding in my class but I don’t have the time to learn the skills on my own, so I don’t teach it. We use apps and games in class already so learning to code games easily would be great!

  • Kerry Muse - School Leader

    Educators and teachers would see value and relevance because we’re constantly trying to make acquisition of skills more relevant. What could be more relevant than 21st century skills? Meaningful relevant skills reinforcing literacy, the ability to think critically, and put it into an actual product – I can’t see why schools would not be interested. 75% percent of our students would be dying to get to do this.


  • Do I have to buy any software to start?

    If you’ve got Windows, you can download everything you need for free – and you can read the book online for free as well.

  • How hard is making your own text adventure?

    Totally easy! We’ll show you how!